Adaptations for wheelchair passengers and drivers

Silver Cross Automotive installs a variety of equipment and adapts vehicles for both wheelchair passengers and wheelchair drivers. We offer specialty equipment for any vehicle; from transfer seating to hydraulic lifts, as well as high tech driving controls, our professionals will expertly adapt your vehicle to meet your exact needs.

Call us! Our mobility specialists will do a complimentary assessment and make recommendations based on your unique needs from our extensive selection of brand name mobility products. If needed, we can also refer you to a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) or equivalent.

Vehicle Lifts & Seating

Scooter & Power Chair Lifts by Bruno

Many vehicles can be outfitted with a lift to transport your mobility device. Silver Cross Automotive can help you find just the right solution for your vehicle and lifestyle, and have it expertly installed by our certified technicians. From interior lifts that lift and stow your device in your vehicle, to exterior mounted lifts, Silver Cross can assist you with the best solutions on the market today.
Scooter lift shown on the trunk of a van with scooter and lady

Turning Seats

Getting in and out of a vehicle is made easier with a turning seat. These turning seats rotate, extend and lower to allow easy access to a variety of vehicle types including vans, SUVs and sedans. Call us to find out what’s best for your vehicle.

Turning chair vehicle adaptation on passenger side

Equipment from Adapt Solutions

Silver Cross Automotive also proudly brings you quality mobility equipment from Canadian leaders, Adapt Solutions. With its innovative selection of lifts, seats, seat bases, transfer boards and other devices, there are great solutions to help passengers and drivers experience the freedom of travel.
Adapt Solutions turning seat and remote

Hydraulic Lifts

We sell and install hydraulic lifts for full-sized vehicles such as RAM Promasters and Mercedes Sprinters. This high capacity lifts are well-suited for commercial applications including paratransit, group homes and long term care and senior living retirement homes.

iClass lift shown on the side door entry of a van

Other Vehicle Adaptations

As a driver you can count on Silver Cross Automotive as your go-to source for driving adaptations including high tech driving controls. There are many types of driving controls available to offer you independence, including mechanical hand controls, steering control devices and electronic mobility controls. All driving controls need to be prescribed by a trained professional. Your Silver Cross Automotive consultant will be able to refer you to a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) or equivalent, to access your physical capabilities and prescribe the appropriate driving controls for you. Our extensive selection of vehicle adaptation products includes the following:

Sure Grip Hand Controls and Driving Aids

Sure Grip Hand Controls and Driving Aids | Silver Cross Automotive
Proudly developed and manufactured in Canada, Sure Grip is a leader in the mobility driving aids market. Sure Grip products offered by your Silver Cross Automotive stores include hand controls and driving aids such as left foot accelerators, steering wheel attachments and secondary controls, as well as other accessories.

Electronic Mobility Controls

Electronic Mobility Controls | Silver Cross Automotive

We also offer AEVIT primary driving controls by Electronic Mobility Controls (EMC). This innovative modular system provides you with alternative input devices such as a miniature low-effort steering wheel, a single axis joystick for steering, a single axis joystick for gas-brake or a lever, or a dual axis joystick for steering and gas-brake. Voice Interactive Controls (VIC) are also available for voice activation of secondary controls and to communicate verbal instructions to and from the driver. A powered headrest is also available for those who need to gain access to secondary vehicle functions through head movement.

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